Continuously broadening one’s horizon is always something that we’re up to. When we heard of a creative conference with like-minded people, entrepreneurs and business leaders taking place in Los Angeles, we booked our tickets right away.

This conference is called „Create & Cultivate“ and is recognized as one of the top creative conferences in the United States. This year’s event was all about the business of fashion & beauty from blogging to product to launching a brand.

let's go to L.A.
Let's go to L.A.

After a slightly exhausting flight (from Dusseldorf – Atlanta – Dallas – Los Angeles) and a little shock after entering our motel room at night, we could luckily fall asleep in a typically heavenly American bed. So we could start the next morning well-rested and full of power! It was a sunny day (does it ever rain in L.A.?!) so we immediately felt this Californian spirit.

We only had a few days in L.A. so we tried to see as much as we could, which is really difficult in such a huge city! Getting from A to B made us take the public bus, which apparently is a very uncommon thing to do in L.A. – when we spoke about it afterwards, people made fun of us. Nobody is taking the public bus there – keeping it in mind for the next time! Anyway, we totally enjoyed this West Coast City!

We were invited for a nice Happy Hour meet up one evening prior to the event, which took place in a pretty new and cool hotel in Koreatown – The Line Hotel. That gave us the possibility to meet all attendees and start socializing. #createcultivateLA

The next morning, we set out at 7am to be on time for the event – like Germans do! The Create & Cultivate Conference started at 8am where we could already sign up for mentor lessons with entrepreneurs across multiple categories. We signed up for Kim Pesch (creative of @eatsleepwear) and Bess Wyrick (florist & event designer @celadoncelery) and had very motivating conversations with both of them about their stories, way of working, experiences and everything we were interested in.

The conference took place in a beautiful location, which was the book bindery in Culver City. Everything was nicely decorated and prepared.

During the whole day there were several panels with speakers and influencers from all areas such as:

All in all it was a perfect experience with so many new impressions & ideas and we are so happy that we attended this great event!


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