The season’s trend direction under the title ‚BEYOND AWARE‘ reflected the various levels of consciousness in which we perceive ourselves and the world. This led to two contrasting ways of looking at fashion itself, which could be seen in the presentation of the trend foyers. 
On the one hand there was this visionary approach for a growing buyer’s mentality in terms of consciousness, circular production and sustainable materials which was showcased under the title ‚FORWARD ETHICS‘. On the one hand, its contrary was demonstrated with a cheerful enjoyment of fashion as a statement of personality and individuality entitled ‚BOLD EXPRESSIONS‘.

Our intention for the trend foyer installation was to serve two themed and standalone trim worlds, which were presented in the form of concept stores.  ‚FORWARD ETHICS‘ was designed with soft tones and a very deliberate & reflective view of sustainability and transparency. We chose wood and cork as the main materials to give a warm and soft atmosphere. The selection of showcased trim samples was based on sustainable approaches. Recycling and up cycling of ocean waste and plastic were some of the themes discussed here. Visitors, designers and buyers were happy to find new solutions and materials with sustainable and clean production methods. As we were aiming for a transparency throughout the different stages and procurement channels, the  set up of shown samples was arranged bright and spacious.
To accentuate and increase the awareness of ‚what‘, ‚where‘ and ‚how‘, we built up a WHO MADE MY TRIMS wall, which was based on the Fashion Revolution movement as you can see in the header.

The counterpart ‚BOLD EXPRESSION‘ was characterized by loudness and over-consumption. The topic was to use fashion as an expression of personality and an instrument of individualization. Trims with oversized and unexpected shapes dominated the set up as well as experimental materials.
In contrast to the sustainable shop concept, we chose bold colors and props like turnable mirrors tables, or an illuminated dance floor wall.

Photographer Munich Fabric Start & SO|GUSH

Trend Design Briefing by Q’RATEUR

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