It was all about naturalness with its brightness & freshness for Spring/Summer ’20, which could be clearly seen in the materials and structures of the trim & accessory samples showcased in the season’s trend foyer. We saw many natural qualities and rustic materials, such as light wood, linen, cotton and leather. The Optics were inspired by rock structures as well as bacterial cultures, which represented new design approaches for buttons and prints. In contrast to the light and natural designs, there was a tendency to rich designs and materials away from filigree small parts to chunky metal trims in shiny gold and silver tones.

The five trend directions in the Additionals Trend Foyer were presented in separate themes showing a smooth transition to the fabrics foyer. With lots of wood and translucent elements, the set ups reflected the naturalness and brightness of the season. In addition, the individual theme concepts offered plenty of space for statements so that each topic came into its own.
Our intention for creating the trend foyer was to keep each trim world individually and play with its characteristics. The CITY QUITTER was pictured by wooden triangle shelfs as a display for natural materials and soft colors. As a contrast, the theme PANEM ET CIRCENSES was showcased with a decadently decorated table setting showing rich materials and an ‚abundance‘ of trims. For the FASHION ACTIVIST, we chose FedEx courier boxes and a statement wall as trim displays as well as an ‚activity wall‘ with separately rotatable surfaces. For the STREET OPERATOR, we designed an imaginary basketball court and embedded and embedded a street- and workwear landscape for the trims whereas the NEW SPECIES theme was set up clearer with translucent structure plates and granulate containers to reflect the theme’s colors and surfaces.

Photographer Munich Fabric Start

Trend Design Briefing by Q’RATEUR

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